Built around a unique digital stencil of the word “FOR”, the FOR Campaign invites creatives from all walks to submit an artwork, design, sculpture, etc (image or video) that represents one of Joe Biden’s 40+ plans to move our country forward. These plans include racial equality, Covid-19, environmental justice, immigration reform, education, health care, and LGTBQ+ rights.

Creative people have been responsible for progress at key moments throughout history, and creatives are once again stepping up to help build a better future for America. We invite you to join us.

We are Creatives For Biden. We are a community of creative people – from artists to designers to performers to those who provide the sets and supplies and words. We range from card-carrying professionals to enthusiasts. We believe that Joe Biden will help heal our country’s wounds and build something stronger than before. We are committed to using our talents and will take a stand to help get Biden elected. We are optimistic by our very nature, and thus are hopeful about the future of our country; we want to provide the spark to elect a president that can create that better future.

In the face of the overwhelming heartbreak and damage of the last four years, creative people around the country have been asking the question: what can we do to help? Creatives for Biden aims to help provide the answer: we will create. Over the coming months, we will provide outlets, projects, and initiatives for creatives to contribute their talent.

Creatives FOR Biden is a special project conceived and produced by Creatives FOR, a PAC focused on bringing creative people together to create change in our political landscape.  In Creatives FOR, everyone is welcome;  your uniqueness is celebrated.  

Let us create together over the coming months, towards the goal of electing Joe Biden as our next president. Bring your passion and your talents, and join us with your signature.

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