Disability Equality artwork by laurathethorne

CreativesForBiden.org - Disability Equality artwork by laurathethorne

About the Art

Artwork Title: What Appears F-5
Artwork By: laurathethorne
Artwork Medium: pastel, pencil on papdf
Artist Instagram page: @laurathethorne
Artist Website: http://laurathethorne.com

Thorne explores nuances of relatedness and interconnection. The grid provides the structure for her subjects, where lines and shapes connect to, interrupt and disrupt each other. The essential forms evoke a timeless sense of struggle for cohesion and enduring beauty.

Thorne grew up in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from the University of Washington School of Art in 1985. Her work is in public and private collections, and she lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She donates half of her art income to https://earthjustice.org.

Biden’s Plan

Joe Biden believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and have a fair shot at getting ahead. This year, on July 26, we will mark the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Thanks to the leadership of people with disabilities, disability advocates, and their allies, we have made progress towards the goals of this law—“equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency” for people with disabilities. But, there is much more work to do in order to ensure that all people with disabilities are able to participate fully in our communities and enjoy the same kinds of choices and opportunities that many Americans take for granted.

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