Education Reform artwork by Amy Pleasant - Education Reform artwork by Amy Pleasant

About the Art

Artwork Title: The Kids Lead the Way
Artwork By: Amy Pleasant
Artwork Medium: Acrylic on paper
Artist Website:

A classroom where students explore their interests and observe the natural world.

Amy Pleasant is a Seattle figurative and abstract painter whose work explores the intersection of change and generational transition. Her work has been exhibited in Seattle, NY, Chicago and Amsterdam.

Biden’s Plan

Educators – teachers, teachers’ aides, and everyone who supports our kids at school, from the bus drivers to the secretaries to the school nurses – answer a call to service. They help our children learn and grow into successful adults. For so many young people, knowing they have a teacher and school community believing in and fighting for them can make all the difference.

But while educating is rewarding, it is also challenging. Many educators across the country are experiencing stagnant wages, slashed benefits, growing class sizes, and fewer resources for their students. Too many teachers have to work second jobs to make ends meet for their families. And, far too often, teachers and school personnel have to take on additional responsibilities that go far beyond the classroom. Educators end up spending their own money on school supplies, mentoring and coaching new teachers, trying to fill in as social workers, and so much more. Teachers should be supported with resources and shouldn’t have to take on all of these responsibilities on their own.

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