Front-Line Workers artwork by Lynne Suprock - Front-Line Workers artwork by Lynne Suprock

About the Art

Artwork Title: Courage and Making A Difference Bracelets
Artwork By: Lynne Suprock
Artwork Medium: metal work
Artist Website:

These are recycled copper pipes that have been shaped, stamped, then patina treated. They were prototypes for a workshop meant for medical students and residents at a PA Medical College before COVID lockdown. The words "Courage" and Making A Difference" do describe our tribe.

I am a creative designer, writer, and instructor, making a difference using art. Through art, the opportunity for emotional or physical healing truly exists. I am an advanced practice RN with a Masters Degree in Nursing Education who saw this need in patients for which I cared.

Biden’s Plan

Essential workers are providing life-saving medical care, cleaning our hospital rooms, delivering our food and other essential goods, stocking our grocery store shelves, getting us from place to place, keeping our cities’ lights on, and so much more. They have been on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Joe Biden has said since the beginning of this campaign that American workers are the heart and soul of this country— too often, though, we’ve taken these workers and the work they do for granted.

But the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted this critical truth: all across this nation, it’s often our lowest-paid workers who have stepped up during this crisis.