Restoring American Leadership artwork by August Birdsong - Restoring American Leadership artwork by August Birdsong

About the Art

Artwork Title: Leave!
Artwork By: August Birdsong
Artwork Medium: Mixed media collage
Artist Instagram page: @august_birdsong

Inks, stencils, and old book pages.

Former secondary English language arts teacher turned artist who wants positive change for ALL Americans.

Biden’s Plan

Joe Biden laid out his foreign policy vision for America to restore dignified leadership at home and respected leadership on the world stage. Arguing that our policies at home and abroad are deeply connected, Joe Biden announced that, as president, he will advance the security, prosperity, and values of the United States by taking immediate steps to renew our own democracy and alliances, protect our economic future, and once more place America at the head of the table, leading the world to address the most urgent global challenges.

In a Biden administration, America will lead by example and rally the world to meet our common challenges that no one nation can face on its own, from climate change to nuclear proliferation, from great power aggression to transnational terrorism, from cyberwarfare to mass migration. Donald Trump’s erratic policies and failure to uphold basic democratic principles have surrendered our position in the world, undermined our democratic alliances, weakened our ability to mobilize others to meet these challenges, and threatened our security and our future.

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