Small Businesses artwork by Bird Ross - Small Businesses artwork by Bird Ross

About the Art

Artwork Title: Scallops
Artwork By: Bird Ross
Artwork Medium: Cloth + Thread
Artist Instagram page: @usernamebird
Artist Website:

"Scallops" is from a body of work that are all baskets made on my sewing machine. It emphasizes the hand's envolvement in the making process, the accumulation and accretion of materials, + the organic nature of creating something unique. It's a product of my small business.

My studio, business + I are in Madison WI. I've been exploring the possibilities of materials + my interaction with them for over 50 years. I have an MFA from UW -Madison, exhibit in shows all around the world + all over on line. I love the mundane b/c it is extraordinary.

Biden’s Proposal

Establish a True Small Business Fund: Congressional Democrats secured a set-aside of $60 billion in funds for smaller lenders and community-based financial institutions, which are frequently best positioned to get resources into the hands of deserving small businesses in vulnerable communities. Joe Biden is calling on the Trump administration to go even further as it implements the PPP. The Trump administration should reserve fully half of all the new PPP funds for small businesses with 50 employees or less, so the bigger and more sophisticated aren’t able to win in a first-come, first-served race. We should make sure we serve the mom-and-pop shops — beauty salons, barbershops, diners, local auto body shops. Back on April 3, Joe Biden asked the administration to “produce a weekly dashboard to show which small businesses are accessing loans – to make sure that the program isn’t leaving out communities, minority- and women-owned businesses, or the smallest businesses.” They have not done so. It is unacceptable to have a small-business program that is leaving minority business owners out in the cold, or that firms with fewer than 20 employees received only about 20% of the money – even though they make up about one third of payroll. Small non-profits—including churches, mosques, and synagogues— should also be eligible for this fund. The Trump administration can do this if it makes it a priority. The country will be watching.

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