Rural America artwork by Amanda Jolley - Rural America artwork by Amanda Jolley

About the Art

Artwork Title: Amber Waves
Artwork By: Amanda Jolley
Artwork Medium: Beeswax and plant fiber
Artist Website:

25 year old family wheat stalks embedded in a pool of melted prayer candles.

Amanda Jolley paints from her studio in Kansas City MO. The inspiration for her work comes from observation of the patterns and story found in every day life, and how they complement and often mirror the connections in the brain and processing of the subconscious.

Biden’s Plan

Rural America is home to roughly 20% of Americans, but we are all connected to rural communities in many ways. Rural Americans fuel us and feed us. Rural lands provide us with places to spend time outdoors with friends and family and relax.

A healthy, vibrant rural America is essential to the success of our country. Yet in small town after small town, parents watch their kids and grandkids leave rural communities because there just is not enough opportunity for them at home. For too many rural Americans, a pathway to the middle class is out of reach if they stay in their rural communities.

The moral obligation of our time is rebuilding the middle class, so that this time everyone comes along regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or zip code.  It should not be dependent on whether they live in a city center, a small town, or a remote area. Everyone means everyone.

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