The AAPI Community artwork by Naoko Morisawa Studio - The AAPI Community artwork by Naoko Morisawa Studio

About the Art

Artwork Title: New Wave - Mandarin Oriental Knot
Artwork By: Naoko Morisawa Studio
Artwork Medium: Hand-crafted, Oil-stained Wood & Paper Mosaic Collage on Board
Artist Website:

24x30 inch

Biden’s Plan

Vice President Joe Biden knows that the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is a core chapter of the American story. Our country’s ability to draw hard-working people from every culture and every nation has always made us stronger. Joe has turned bold, progressive ideas into tangible results for the AAPI community as Vice President and Senator. As Vice President, Joe stood shoulder-to-shoulder with President Obama to pass the landmark Affordable Care Act, providing health insurance to an additional 20 million people, including two million AAPIs by the time President Obama and Vice President Biden left office. The Obama-Biden Administration also re-established the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to improve the lives of AAPIs in the United States through federal programs, inter-agency coordination, and outreach to AAPI stakeholders. And, Joe helped secure the votes to finally deliver long-awaited compensation payments for our Filipino-American World War II veterans.

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