The Jewish Community artwork by Rebecca Lazinger - The Jewish Community artwork by Rebecca Lazinger

About the Art

Artwork Title: L’dor V’dor
Artwork By: Rebecca Lazinger
Artwork Medium: Mixed Media (oil paint and prismacolor pencil)
Artist Instagram page: @becky_foxy_art
Artist Website:

A depiction of traditional and evolving aspects of Judaism. The pursuit of peace (shalom) and healing the world (tikkun olum) is central. Music and food link generation to generation (L’dor V’Dor) and education ensures that we never forget the 6 million killed in the Holocaust.

I am a NY artist and health advocate. I paint emotive portraits and narrative scenes to communicate personal stories. I strive to teach, connect, and open eyes. I am the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and proud to support the Biden/Harris alliance with the Jewish community.

Biden’s Plan

Joe Biden and the Jewish Community: A Record and a Plan of Friendship, Support and Action

Vice President Joe Biden has consistently made solidarity with Israel, combatting anti-Semitism, and fighting for social justice pillars of his decades-long career in public service. As President, Joe Biden will continue to ensure that the Jewish State, the Jewish people, and Jewish values have the unbreakable support of the United States.

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