Environmental Justice artwork by Laura C. Thorne

CreativesForBiden.org - Environmental Justice artwork by Laura C. Thorne

About the Art

Artwork Title: What Appears 16
Artwork By: Laura C. Thorne
Artwork Medium: Acrylic on Wood Panel
Artist Website: http://www.laurathethorne.com

I explore nuances of relatedness and interconnection. The grid provides the structure for my subjects. I create fields where circles, ellipses and polygons connect to, interrupt and disrupt each other. The forms evoke a timeless sense of struggle for cohesion and endurance.

Thorne grew up in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from the University of Washington School of art in 1985. Her work is in public and private collections, and she lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She donates half of her art income to https://earthjustice.org

Biden’s Plan

The current COVID-19 pandemic reminds us how profoundly the energy and environmental policy decisions of the past have failed communities of color – allowing systemic shocks, persistent stressors, and pandemics to disproportionately impact communities of color and low-income communities.
Joe Biden is running for President to ensure that all Americans have a fair shot at getting ahead. That means rooting out the systemic racism in our laws, policies, institutions, and hearts. Any sound energy and environmental policy must advance public health and economic opportunity for all Americans, in rural, urban, and suburban communities, and recognize that communities of color and low-income communities have faced disproportionate harm from climate change and environmental contaminants for decades. It must also hold corporate polluters responsible for rampant pollution that creates the types of underlying conditions that are contributing to the disproportionate rates of illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19 among Black, Latino, and Native Americans. That means officials setting policy must be accountable to the people and communities they serve, not to polluters and corporations.Addressing environmental and climate justice is a core tenet of Biden’s climate plan.
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